Origin of Religions

About this Project:

As one might guess from the title, this project aims to explain the origin and diversity of religion just as Darwin’s Origin of Species explained the origin and diversity of life. In short, your religion evolved from a primordial soup of primitive superstitions.

This project is meant to be an accessible explanation of the evolution of religion. Part of understanding the evolution of religion involves understanding evolution as it applies to biology – and a few other things. There truly is an underlying “connectedness” of all things. That connectedness can be understood without any mysticism – the answers to all the important questions may be easily understood using the languages of mathematics, physics and other sciences. There may be some surprising conclusions along the way. As you read the draft chapters, please keep in mind that this is a work in progress. There remains a tremendous amount of work to be done.

Chapters – Draft Form:

Religion: the final architect of humanity

  • A presentation in three parts transformed from a slide show format to YouTube video. Total run time is about thirty-six minutes. It considers religion as a thought contagion co-evolving with the gene pool of humanity. This will certainly be offensive to creationists – if I can figure out a publicity angle to get it “under their noses.”

The Pope Made You Gay: How Religion Causes Homosexuality

George W. Bush: closet atheist

  • Yes, I am applying logic and rational analysis to the utterly irrational, which is as shoveling sand against the tide, but I am compelled to try to “out” George W. Bush as the closet atheist which he is. The general line of reasoning employed in this essay can probably be applied with equal validity to any number of other politicians. For example, I may work up a new version of the essay specifically in reference to Congressman Paul Ryan – R Wisconsin. A re-work of the essay with Paul Ryan as the closet Atheist would be fairly easy due to an abundance of readily available evidence. Paul Ryan is so un-Christian that a bunch of nuns went so far as to hire a bus and go on the road to campaign against his agenda. In an even more telling turn of events the US Conference of Bishops denounced Paul Ryan’s budget plans as failing to meet the moral principles of the Catholic Church – while Paul Ryan claimed to be guided by his Catholic faith.

Why Ask Why?

  • A question was posed to one of the speakers at the American Atheists 2009 National Convention. The speaker really didn't have an answer, but I did! We'll have to cut the speaker some slack though. My answer runs on for over 3500 words – and would not have fit in the time allotted for questions and answers at the convention. Read this essay to learn why the reason for the question is sometimes more important than the answer.

The irony of the proof for Intelligent Design Theory

  • “Intelligent Design Theory” does have a legitimate application – read this essay to learn what that application is.

  • A supporter of “creation science” emailed me a supposed rebuttal of the essay entitled “The irony of the proof for Intelligent Design Theory.” I could have just deleted it, but decided to post this response instead. Perhaps it will shed some light on the thought contagions of “creationism” and thereby help inoculate someone against this particular thought contagion.

  • Later I may update the original essay to preclude some of the criticisms imagined by the supporter of creation science.

Codependent irrationalities vs. the economy

Evolution of Ideas: Papers from English class

$5000 Prize for Evidence Disproving Evolution

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