Origin of Religions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are you attacking my religion?

    Well first of all, if you feel attacked because of your religion then it is probably a counter-attack. One of the delusions of the religious – and of Christians in particular – is the belief that followers of their religion have been singled out for persecution. It may be true that the Romans fed a few early Christians to the lions. But Christians have more often been the persecutors. History records Christian “Crusades” to reclaim the “Holy Land” and the Spanish Inquisition. Christians continue in their role of persecutor as they battle against feminists and homosexuals in the American “culture wars.” Furthermore, seen from the perspective of the Romans, Christians were a growing cult which threatened societal norms. The Romans reacted in a manner similar to other societies when faced with new cults – the Romans attempted to squash the new cult.

    This website opposes religion because religion imperils humanity along with much of life on Earth. Religion imperils humanity through several mechanisms. Religion tends to demand maximum procreation while denying the reality of over-population. Religion also demands irrational beliefs and opposes fact-based and evidence-based teaching in the classroom. Religion is very successfully suppressing science which contradicts favored fairytales such as the “Garden of Eden” and “Noah’s Ark.” Religion is taught in place of actual biology by 13% of high school biology teachers in the United States. A majority of high school biology teachers fail to press home the facts of evolution for fear of angering religious parents. This has lead to a situation in which only about one third of students are rated “proficient” in science.

    This dumbing down by religion is not limited to North America. Fundamentalist Islam is operating in other regions and is rapidly increasing its “market share.” This dumbing down means more and more people will fall for disinformation campaigns paid for by pollution profiteers. This is already very effective and very visible – one need look no further than the polls which show the number of people who believe “Global Warming” is a hoax. But religion poses a far greater danger than these.

    Religion is wrecking the human gene pool. It does this by causing people subject to its control to reproduce more often. This reproductive differential acts as a selection pressure – a selection pressure which favors genes for limited mental faculties. These limited mental faculties are favored because greater intelligence is more likely to identify thought contagions of religion for what they are: a collection of highly evolved and long-running scams. If allowed to continue, this selection pressure selecting for limited mental faculties will result in a society too stupid to save itself. Because religion imperils the continuation of humanity, it is the responsibility of every citizen to reject the delusions of religion. This website is my contribution to that cause.

  2. I don’t have time to read the whole website. What should I read to get the essential points?

    The essay “Why Ask Why?” is an extremely condensed version of the key points contained with the larger work Origin of Religions. As an alternative you may wish to check out the slide and audio presentation “Religion: the final architect of humanity” which has been uploaded to YouTube. The presentation is split into three segments with a total run time of about thirty-six minutes.